Launch Schedule - Automechanika

Wednesday 18 September 

Product Name: DCI 700 & KTS250 

Description: Bosch will be launching two new products into the market at Automechanika 2019. The Bosch DCI 700 diesel test bench with new measurement system for latest injector technologies that will allow for efficient testing of passenger-car and commercial-vehicle common rail injectors , as well as a new KTS 250 diagnostic Tester specifically developed for mobile and quick ECU diagnoses.


Product Name: Mobihel (Automotive Refinish Paint)

Description: From classic to modern, the Mobihel system offers 550,000 colours to choose from. With this comes a fully comprehensive colour management premium solution that ensures fast and perfect colour process and repair. The full suite of products includes cleaners, degreasers, putties, primers, fillers, basecoats, clear coats, thinners, hardeners, and additives.

Product Name: G-Energy Synthetic Range

Description: After launching entry into South African market at AutoMechanika 2017, this year OILY SA is excited to bring a new range of synthetic oils by G-Energy!

The new Synthetic range utilizes proprietary G-Base synthetic feedstocks, as Gazpromneft becomes a manufacturer of Group 3 base oil. Our 5 new engine oils offer enhanced performance for all types of passenger cars, SUVs, vans and light trucks, including where EGR, DPF and TWC technologies are present. This new range is very competitively priced, allowing motorists to enjoy the benefits of synthetics for a price of regular motor oils.


Product Name: 1.  X931 Hands Free Wheel Alignment   2.  Launch ADAS Calibration Tool            3.  Launch PAD 3  

Description: 1.  The X931 hands-free wheel alignment system is the NEXT generation in wheel alignment technology. Over five years of research and development, using the latest laser image recognition technology, The X931 is able to achieve a full vehicle reading in as little as 60 seconds, without the need for any wheel clamps or rolling compensation. 

2.  ADAS adjusts your radars and cameras on your car for your adaptive cruise control                3.  Launch Pad 3 

Thursday 19 September 

Product Name: Alternator Test Bench CV-307A & CV-203 

Description: New to the PSH SA range 2 high-tech alternator test benches for alternator rebuilders, warranty departments and car part stores.

CV-203 easy to use manual controlled tester

CV-307A fully computer controlled tester

Both testers are equipped with the latest technology to test LIN, BSS and start/stop.

Product Name: Global Iconic brand - Gulf Oil and Lubricant business unit in South Africa

Description: Gulf is amongst the leading lubricant companies in the world.  We offer an extensive range of lubricants for industry, with approval letters from Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, Ford and Audi amongst other. With superior product, right priced and in stock, we encourage real partnership with a global winning team.

Product Name: Toyota landcruiser 2UZ LX470 03-05 130A Alternator (New)

Description: An alternator is a generator of electric power in a car and is a major component of the vehicle's charging system. All cars with an internal combustion engine except for some hybrids have an alternator. When an engine is running, the alternator charges the battery and supplies additional electric power for the vehicle electrical systems                                   

OEM Number: 27060-50330, 104210-3460,AND606

Manufacturer part Number: ATY056N

Source: Aftermarket

Ampere: 130A    Voltage: 12V

Product Name: Aer-o-cure Smart Repair Booth

Description: Aer-o-cure is launching its newly developed Spot Repair Bay – a bay solution that takes up minimal space, with high performance to create a clean and controlled environment in which to perform Smart Repairs.

Friday - 20 September 

Product Name: ANH Technologies Motive Power Energy Usage Model 

Description: ANH Technologies Motive Power Energy usage model combines capital strength, deep engineering skills, including Hoppecke’s best of breed Industrial Power batteries, enabling you to have a risk free, flexible, pay as you use model for your Material Handling equipment power needs. Leaving you free to focus on your core business

Product Name: Jelly Belly Air Freshener

Description: The fantastic scent and colour combination of the original Jelly Belly candy has been captured in a fun innovative range of scented accessories for use in the car, home or office. Latchit (Pty) Ltd is the sole importer and distributor of the Jelly Belly Air Freshener range in Southern Africa.

Product Name: PartsCheck

Description: PartsCheck is an online platform that enables direct communication between repairers and suppliers, simplifying the process of managing quotations, purchasing, and receipting in a centralised location. Developed by a repairer in Australia to streamline his workshops, the free (for repairers) program now has plans to help South African repairers connect to their suppliers more efficiently. 

Product Name: 1.  Avanty 2. Schumacher Boosters and Chargers 3. Probe Air Compressor Range  


1. The Avanty is a multifunctional portable energy system with a handy on-board air compressor.  Weighing 11kg, the Avanty is small, robust and lightweight.  It can supply 12 V, 5 V for your USB and 230 V electricity at the flip of a switch due to its integrated 300 W converter.

2. The Accu-Smart battery charger for professional use can stay connected to batteries during long periods to keep them at 100% of their capacities and ensures a long lasting lifetime.  The Schumacher 1200AMP heavy duty SOS Booster that can jumpstart anything from 12V to 24V battery. Ideal for both petrol and diesel vehicles, it can operate at extreme temperatures.
3. Probe’s range of piston compressors provide a reliable and economical solution that works well for a wide variety of applications, with a duty cycle of 60/40 to protect the unit.  The range is ideal for builders, and home-based businesses, right through to paint shops at motor dealerships.

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