Tyre Changing Competition

The “Pressure” is on to find the tyre changing champ of South Africa. 

The Competition is to be held at Automechanika Johannesburg in September 2019.

Entry to the Competition is free of charge and is open to anyone who is an employee of a registered Tyre Dealership business. There is no age limit for entrants so long as they are working for the Business.

Travel and Accommodation will be at the competitor’s expense.

Refreshments will be provided during the day and lunch will be provided to the competitors on the day.

Competitors will participate in an orientation program to ensure familiarity with the equipment in use for the Competition.

The Competition format will begin with a Training session on use of Equipment and Accessories, Health and Safety, Tyres & Fitting procedures.

There will be Demonstration on the correct procedures to follow.

After the Training session the competitors will be selected randomly to compete.

The Competition will be to measure the accuracy and time taken to:

1. Identification of the Tyre:

  • Make
  • Size
  • Type

2. Wear Patterns and causes

3. Checking and preparation of the fitting equipment to be used.

4. Checking and preparation of the Wheel and Tyre

5. Removal of the Tyre

6. Fitting of  replacement tyre

7.  Inflation of the replacement tyre

8. Preparation of the Wheel Balancing machine

9. Preparation of the Wheel for Balancing

10. Mounting and balancing the Wheel

11. Dis-mounting the Wheel and preparation for re-fitting to the vehicle

Each competitor will be timed in three sections made up as follows:

Section 1: Parts 1 - 4

Section 2: Parts 5 - 7

Section 3: Parts 8 – 9

Accuracy and detail will be important in the determination of the timing.

For more information on how to enter e-mail: 

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