2022 Themes & Events

  • Innovation Awards - See the Innovation award winners (click here
  • Master Drive - MasterDrive hosted their first hybrid workshop at the 2022 Futuroad expo. The theme of this workshop was ‘Driving Excellence- the role of companies: Examining their responsibilities and ethics, with the goal of creating safer roads in South-Africa.
  • Car Detailing - Specialised services offering vehicle owners customizing, Ceramic Coating, PPF(Paint protection film), Vinyl wraps, Paint enhancement, Leather repairs, Dent removal, and Interior detailing was showcased this year for the first time.
  • Car Wrapping - Correct Vinyl’s for correct applications, designing, printing wrapping, vehicle preparation, wrapping, difficult sections, post heating, quality check.
  • Tyer Changing competition - The Competition started with a Training session on use of Equipment and Accessories, and Health and Safety

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